Every generation solves its problems from the inside out, not by older generations imposing the standards of their upbringing on the newer ones.

In the rush to judge those who prefer looking at their phones to feigning interest in whatever meaningless conversation is taking place over a microwaved meal or the third pointless staff meeting that week, senior generations seem to miss the shift in social mores that has taken place in society.

They lash out at what they don’t understand instead of understanding what they often misinterpret.

Millennials have problems, sure; but they also have solutions. Just like Gen X did and the Baby Boomers did and so on.

When given the room, each newer generation often solves the previous generation’s problems, too – that’s something that constantly gets ignored by those levelling the most criticism.

Don’t fool yourself that the so-called Greatest Generation didn’t have problems that the Baby Boomers helped solve, who in turn created issues that Gen X came in and took care of, followed by the controversial Gen Y label and Millennials who brought with them solutions that Gen X, Baby Boomers, and the Greatest Generation didn’t even realize were problems.

When you don’t like something about a generation ahead or behind yours, it says more about you than it does about them, much like any form of discrimination or prejudice does.

You want people to pay attention to you in meetings or over meals? Try being interesting. This presumptive attitude that the meetings you call or the food you eat somehow binds everyone to you is ludicrous.

Every generation from X on back complains about Millenials being “entitled” because they need to be “entertained” or they won’t engage.

I disagree with that sentiment; engagement comes from a fair and equal level of respect between generations and people in general.

Maybe you need to stop assuming your priorities are their priorities? That would be a better place to start.



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