I used to belong to a lot of Facebook groups because they seemed to offer some value, at least as information sharing was concerned.

Then you realize that all these groups offer is information.

It’s all just link and opinion sharing with a smattering of reactions and comments to keep our dopamine receptors busy.

It’s not connected to anything.

Information is mostly useless unless you are a dictionary, thesaurus or encyclopedia. In those instances, information is all that matters or none of those books have any utility.

But if the information is useless in a standalone sense, then why have it?

Because there are people who can synthesize information into intelligence, and intelligence is actionable; it has practical value.

This is why you – yes, you – should abandon any group that only shares information.

What you really need is a peer-to-peer sharing akin to a mastermind group; a place where intelligence is being shared, not just information, and action is encouraged.

It’s easy to tell the difference between a mastermind group and typical Facebook group by comparing them to books.

Mastermind groups are those books that fundamentally change you; you gain something meaningful from them and can’t wait to recommend them to others.

Facebook groups are a lot like the aforementioned reference guides. Useful as repositories, not so useful beyond that.

Is anyone recommending that you read dictionaries, thesauruses, or encyclopedias? Probably not.



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